Drugs: Help and Referral (DHR) provides support, information and referrals to anyone worried about their use of drugs, alcohol and/or medication, as well as, to their loved ones.

Support: Difficult situations, an urge to use, risk of relapse?…Our counselors will listen attentively and empathically in order to offer immediate support.

Information: Our expertise allows us to inform callers on different levels. For example, we can give information on the consequences of substance abuse, as well as, the effects of mixing drugs or the impacts of excessive use in a person’s daily life and that of his/her loved ones. We can also inform our callers on how addiction centers work and on therapy services that can help them.

Referrals: We refer available resources in the caller’s area able to meet their needs.

The advantages of our service

  • Our counselors are available via telephone or chat.
  • The service is accessible 24/7, across Québec.
  • It is confidential, free and anonymous.

Intervention style

Our counselors respond to different types of calls and chats. They assess the needs of the callers and make the appropriate interventions and referrals. They must exercise very sound judgement as they, in fact, come across requests that are diverse, beyond the scope of therapy and demanding quick solutions.

We can also inform and assist counselors from the health and social services network and social workers, etc. in their search for services and resources adapted to the needs of their clients.

Here are some examples of calls we receive:

  • A brother who wants to help his sibling stop using but doesn’t know how. 
  • A teenager worried about his mother’s drinking. 
  • A cannabis smoker on the verge of losing her husband because he doesn’t agree with her using. 
  • An alcohol drinker who is at her wit’s end because she cannot stop drinking. 
  • Someone looking for a support group to help with his/her abstinence from cocaine. 
  • A parent looking for help for him and his daughter who uses. 
  • A social worker looking for a treatment center for her client. 

 Those are but a few examples.