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[VIDEO] Alcohol, Opioids, Crack: Isabelle’s Journey

Through some toxic romantic relationships, Isabelle first experimented “to fit in”: alcohol, crack, heroin… Gradually, she grew to like them more than she wanted, more than others did. Dependent on substances for over 15 years, she experienced homelessness, theft, selling her belongings, and even her body to fund her consumption. Several times, she also came close to death. Today, she feels good and chooses to give back to others.

In this video, Isabelle shares her past daily life, her “chaos,” as she calls it, and how she journeyed to become, among other things, an employee at the CHUM Research Centre, where she manages “by and for” programs aimed at improving care for substance users. She is now also a fulfilled mother of a teenager and a peaceful person.

To overcome her addiction, Isabelle used our services multiple times. If you also need help, for yourself or to support a loved one, do as she did: contact our team, by phone or chat, at any time, for free.

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